Be part of #ColostrumIsGold this February

We're raising awareness that feeding the right quantity of colostrum, of the right quality, quickly enough after birth, reduces the chances of new-born animals needing antibiotic treatments at any point in their lives. Find out how to support #ColostrumIsGold by reading on...

Who is already supporting #ColostrumIsGold?

National Sheep Association

NSA is proud to support the #colostrumisgold campaign. There can be no better start to a newborn lambs life than adequate consumption of colostrum, particularly in the first 24 hours of life. We look forward to sharing this important message throughout the campaign.

Nigel Gibbens

Chief Veterinary Officer

I welcome RUMA’s #ColostrumIsGold campaign and strongly encourage farmers to take steps to improve the quality, quantity and quickness of colostrum delivery to their new born animals. Doing so is essential to their immunity and reduces susceptibility to common infectious diseases. This improves health and can boost productivity, whilst reducing the need for antibiotic treatment in line with industry’s commitment.

National Pig Association

There is no silver bullet for reducing antibiotic use on pig farms. What’s important is the cumulative effect of numerous good management practices and disease prevention strategies and ensuring piglets get good colostrum intake is a great example. NPA will be promoting the beneficial effects of colostrum on pig health to our members throughout this month. #ColostrumIsGold

Primary Diets

Nothing has more impact on a piglets survival than an adequate intake of colostrum, which provides energy and immunity. Primary Diets are proud to support #colostrumisgold campaign and will be promoting this to our customers throughout this month.

Paul Toplis

Pig Nutritionist

Colostrum is a real WIN:WIN story. Good quality colostrum not only reduces the cost of production through reduced mortality before and after weaning but also improves welfare and reduces antibiotic use. There is a big payback for a little extra effort.

Sylvaine Lacrosse

Farm Vet

We want our sheep farmers to eliminate metaphylactic antibiotic usage in neonatal lambs! The #ColostrumIsGold campaign is fantastic as Colostrum is one of the key points we discuss when wanting to reduce the use of antibiotics at lambing time. Thank you for all the great information!

Iain Richards

Vet Consultant and Ecologist

The right amount of good quality colostrum is vital for succesful lamb rearing. Good colostrum depends upon good feeding Scan, separate and plan your feeding

Flock Health Ltd

We are delighted to support #ColostrumIsGold We are encouraging sheep vets to concentrate on colostrum in their pre-lambing farmer meetings & within the Flock Health Club network we have a 'How-many-times-can-you-say-#ColostrumIsGold-challenge'! As we aim to #reduce#replace#refine our use of antibiotics we are encouraging farmers to #Plan#Prevent#Protect & the #quality#quantity#quickness of colostrum is a key element of that aim!

Simon Doherty

Veterinary Surgeon

Feeding good quality colostrum is essential, particularly for the first couple of feeds, as calves / lambs that are fed poor quality colostrum never achieve an adequate level of immunity - a colostrometer can be useful in assessing colostrum quality but pen-side analysis using a handheld refractometer may be more accurate (Morrison et al, AFBI).

Focus Farm Vets

Reviewing colostrum policies makes such a difference to young stock health. When investigating outbreaks of scour and pneumonia in young stock, taking bloods to check for adequate passive transfer in young animals often reveals improvements can be made in colostrum management. Get it right from birth and it will make a big difference to overall health.

National Farmers Union

The health and welfare of farm animals in the UK is key to the productivity of our dairy and livestock industry. Optimal colostrum management is the best start we could possibly give UK livestock – it isn’t the only answer but it is a very important tool in the box. It is a great campaign that we fully support! #colostrumisgold

Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB)

We are supporting this campaign via social media by providing links to helpful resources in Pork, Beef, Lamb and Dairy.

XLVet UK Ltd.

XLVets are delighted to support #ColostrumisGold - How an animal is managed in early life can pre-programme the metabolism and determine lifetime production. Colostrum quality can vary enormously between animals, but is very easy to monitor - check if colostrum is good enough to be fed or stored, or needs to be thrown away.


The value of colostrum cannot be overstated. Components within colostrum direct gut development, stimulate a balanced microflora and give immunological protection thus providing a solid foundation to produce a healthy piglet. ABN is delighted to support #ColostrumIsGold and continues to conduct research and development in this important area at universities within the UK. Our field staff provide help and support on how to ensure that the many benefits of colostrum are maximised.

East of England Agricultural Society & Winter Stock Festival

We can help spread the word via our Social media channels

Isle Veterinary Group Ltd

A stitch in time saves 9! The first 6 hours are vital - a small amount of time making sure calves and lambs have suckled well saves hours of care for sick animals later on. #colostrumisgold

John Baggs


Moving to two 3 litre feeds in the feeds in the first 12 hours of life has made a huge difference to the health of our calves.

Mourne Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary surgeon

Promote the benefits of colostrum for newborn calves via social media etc

Rebecca Mearns


Opened the discussion on reducing lamb losses at yesterday's AHDB Challenge Sheep farmer meeting with #ColostrumIsGold! It all starts with ewe nutrition and adequate colostrum. So many lamb losses are avoidable if we get colostrum management right.

D.S. McGregor and Parters Veterinary Surgeons. Thurso and Wick.

We will use our Facebook page to inform our farmers of the Colostrumisgold initiative this spring.

Wood Veterinary Group Ltd.

Working with farms to improve their colostrum management through testing colostrum quality, feeding the right quantity and in the right time window goes a really long way to reducing disease prevalence in neonate calves

Orchard Vets

Kate Hovers

Vet and sheep keeper

Great campaign. Those first few hours are key to whole life production, young stock of all species need a gold standard start.